Interior of the Ohio Arts Council Brand Guidelines open to the Samples page

Ohio Arts Council

In 2015, upon the Ohio Arts Council’s 50th anniversary, we worked with the OAC to rebrand and reposition the Council.

“Our board and staff love the new logo and brand. More importantly, the folks in Ohio’s arts sector love it. The positive feedback from constituents and policymakers helps us know we hit the mark,” —Donna Collins, Executive Director of the Ohio Arts Council

“The process was so in-depth and went far beyond deciding on a logo. Fulcrum Creatives brought out staff on a complete discovery process to understand better our identity and how we could bring it to life.” —Hannah Brokenshire, Communications Strategist for the Ohio Arts Council

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Creative Direction

Jason Moore


Lydia Stutzman, Sami Nummi

Project Manager

Jenn Barnett


Taylor Kruse


Rae Reed

Ohio Arts Council Brand Guidelines
Ohio Arts Council Brand Guidelines open to show samples
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