We Don’t Want to Work With You

The Fulcrum Creatives Marketing Campaign, We Don’t Want to Work With You… if you don’t care, boldly states our vision: if your business or work does not influence the greater good, we won’t be working together anytime soon. We want to work with people who have dreams, who contribute to their community, who engage, and who create solutions. We want to work with people who have an ambition for good; the instinct in their gut is to do something despite the obstacles.

Along with the web design and web development, which presents and communicates our purpose, we created screen-printed, hand-sewn zines to convey our message in an authentic and careful way. As an ongoing project, we are currently accepting care submissions at wdwtwwy.com 

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Creative Direction

Jason Moore


Sami Nummi, Lydia Stutzman

Project Manager

Jenn Barnett

Web Development

Jason Witt


Rae Reed, Outfit/Good

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